The Grandview Difference

The Grandview Difference
We are Setting the New Standard in Private Aviation

A Leader Among U.S. Charter Operators

You Can Depend on Grandview Aviation’s Expertise and Industry Leading Safety Program, Positioning the Company as a Leader among U.S. Charter Operators.

Since GrandView Aviation launched 15 years ago, tens of thousands of VIP clients and transplant teams have flown on our charter flights, and over the course of those years, the company has earned a stellar reputation as an aviation leader. We own and operate a modern fleet of 17 Phenom 300 super light jets and 2 King Air turbo prop aircraft featuring the latest technology, advanced avionics and enhanced safety systems. GrandView only flies dual-pilot charters originating from 11 bases coast to coast.

We fly on demand 24/7 and most of our bases are staffed with day and night shifts to provide the utmost convenience and safety for VIP passengers on business trips and vacation, and for maximum flexibility during life-saving organ and transplant team transport. Regarding transplant missions, GrandView recently rebranded this service line as GrandView Transplant, incorporating the operations of Transport Transportation Services, Inc. (TTSI) – We are the largest air carrier in the US focused on these life-saving missions.

The Grandview Difference
The Grandview Difference

At GrandView Aviation, Safety is Priority #1

GrandView’s commitment to safety is absolute and each of our team members plays a pivotal role in our safety culture. This is reflected in our 15-year record of accident-free flying, as well as our leadership in programs and standards that mitigate pilot fatigue, keep aircraft in top mechanical condition and, ultimately protect the safety of our patients and crews.

Working directly with the FAA, we adhere to all mandatory safety regulations—but we don’t stop there. We maintain a robust Safety Management System (SMS) that exceeds industry standards, and we participate in a number of safety programs including: Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP), Aviation Safety Information Analysis and Sharing (ASIAS), and Flight Data Monitoring (FDM).

Aviation Industry Safety Certifications Reflect Our Commitment to Flying You in the Utmost Safety

Grandview maintains impressive safety ratings from aviation industry’s top associations—We’re certified ARGUS Gold and are recognized as an International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) Stage 2 Operator. Our WYVERN Wingman certification reflects 15 years of accident-free hours, providing a safety benchmark that allows customers to assess performance expectations against recognized industry best operating practices before purchasing air charter services. The Wyvern Wingman Safety Rating is given by aviation experts who assess, among other things, company SMS, employee experiences and emergency response plans (ERP’s). Their standards are some of the most demanding in the aviation industry. By validating safety performance quarterly via mini-audits versus biennial onsite audits, GrandView achieved Flight Leader status, the highest level within Wyvern Wingman certification. 

GrandView Aviation Association Memberships

GrandView is a proud member of the Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF), the National Air Transportation Association (NATA) and the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA). We also participate with the General Aviation Joint Safety Committee (GAJSC), a government-industry partnership working to improve general aviation safety, by providing safety data they analyze and utilize to develop Safety Enhancements (SE) intervention strategies reducing the risk of an incident or accident.

Protecting You with the Best Pilots in Private Aviation

Each of GrandView’s 100 pilots are highly experienced, thoroughly vetted prior to hiring, and then professionally trained on a single aircraft to enhance overall safety and security for our passengers.

The Grandview Difference

Strict Pilot Hiring Requirements Exceed Industry Standards

When you fly with GrandView, you can place complete trust in us knowing we only hire the most experienced Pilots who meet rigorous standards, far exceeding industry minimums. To qualify to join our crew, Captains must have flown at least 3,500 total hours, 2,000 of which in a Pilot in Command (PIC) capacity, 2,500 hours on multi-engine aircraft (1,500 Multi-engine PIC hours). Among other stringent hiring requirements, our Captains must possess a Full Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Certificate, a demanding course covering advanced knowledge and includes some simulator training. First Officer minimums include at least 1,250 total hours (500 PIC), 300 multi-engine hours and ATP written portion completion.

Rigorous, Demanding, and Continuous Training for GrandView’s Elite Pilots

After a thorough vetting process, pilots selected to join GrandView’s distinguished crew embark on a rigorous initial and recurrent training program that exceeds FAA requirements. Flight crews attend 4 weeks of comprehensive in-house and on-line training at company headquarters including Crew Resource Management, Aeronautical Decision Making, Aviation Weather, Navigation, International Operations, CPR, and Emergency Training. After indoctrination training, pilots attend 2 weeks of full simulator training conducted by our training partner, CAE, offering one of the most advanced and respected training programs in the industry. Following simulator training, pilots gain their initial operating experience with a Standards Captain where they gain specific aircraft knowledge and experience prior to release to the flight line.

A Modern and Expertly Maintained Fleet for Safety and Reliability

GrandView’s Director of Quality reports directly to the President ensuring the highest levels of maintenance quality assurance. Working with the Director of Maintenance, they oversee inspection, service and maintenance to ensure each of our 17 newer-model aircraft meets or exceeds the robust standards we set. The majority of our single-model fleet of Embraer Phenom 300 Super Light jets is less than 5 years old, significantly newer than many U.S. charter operators.

Our factory-trained technicians perform a 109-Point visual inspection service check every 10 days/60 flight hours to ensure each aircraft in our fleet is 100% safe to fly, a program that exceeds FAA requirements. We also employ fully-trained line technicians to fuel and clean the aircraft between flights, enabling our mechanical crew to focus solely on aircraft safety checks, scheduled service and maintenance. All contract maintenance providers are thoroughly vetted to ensure they meet or exceed our industry leading requirements.

Fly with complete confidence knowing you have chosen the recognized US charter leader setting the new standard in private aviation.

The Grandview Difference
The Grandview Difference
The Grandview Difference

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With as little as two-hours’ notice, GrandView Transplant is ready to fly anywhere in the country from 11 strategically located bases. On-site dispatch is available 24/7, skilled crews are ready to deploy at a moment’s notice, and our aircraft are maintained in a constant state of readiness, subject to the most stringent safety protocols in the industry. We work with you to provide the safest, fastest and most-reliable transplant missions

For immediate flight requests contact our dispatch center at 1-800-915-7190..

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